When given the option, most people in today’s world prefer online interaction, it’s just a fact.  So why do businesses keep using the same old “800” numbers with their direct marketing?  Because that’s just how it’s always been done right?  Well, “how it’s always been done” is going the way of the dodo, and so will you, if you don’t evolve.

By adding a PURL (personalized URL) to a piece of direct mail, you can substantially increase response rates to all your direct marketing efforts.  Not only do PURLs utilize interaction via the internet, but they also utilize VDP (variable data printing) to allow your prospect to read their two favorite words, their first and last names.  So for instance, in order to respond to your direct mail, your prospect would go to www.JohnSmith.CleverURL.com.  Pretty neat huh?

It doesn’t stop there though; the PURL will send your prospect to an opt-in page where invaluable data can be collected.  This also allows for response and closure rates to be tracked with ease.  So stop working harder, and start working smarter with PURLs and opt-in pages from DMC!

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