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Marketing Campaigns | With 20 years of experience, it’s safe to say that DMC knows what works, and more importantly, what doesn’t.  Utilizing an effective marketing campaign can be the difference between staying flat or growing your business.  When given those two choices every entrepreneur would choose growth.  Yet, so many don’t take advantage of direct marketing.  Why is that? Well, most entrepreneurs that don’t utilize this powerful tool would say simply, “It didn’t work for me”.  Yet when you delve deeper into the subject, you invariably find that they simply didn’t execute the campaign well at all.  Typically, if the answer is, “It didn’t work for me”, that entrepreneur used a single drop postcard campaign and saw no response to it.  While that may be a revelation to them, it is no surprise to us. 

There are several key strategies that must be present in any successful campaign:

Consistency | Your brand and message must be in front of your prospect with regularity if you wish to convert cold prospects into sales growth.  Seeing your company’s name one time in their mail will rarely, if ever, illicit interest from a prospect.  This is why DMC strongly recommends multiple-drop campaigns.  It’s very important to follow up and follow through with prospects and you do that with consistency and continuity between each drop.  Without that, your efforts will always fall short.

Unique marketing tools | We all have an “A” pile and a “B” pile when it comes to our mail.  The “A” pile is the mail that will be read by its recipient and the “B” pile will “C” its way to the trash.  This is why you must do everything in your power to get in that “A” pile and get your message read by your prospect.  DMC accomplishes just that with our cutting edge direct marketing products.  Whether it’s our bulky mail, Video Books, Mini-Zines, Shooks, etc., the whole point is to make your message stick out from the crowd and get past the gatekeeper.  If you want results, you have to be unique, it’s that simple.

Winning strategies | There is no “one size fits all” direct marketing campaign, every campaign is different, and so too are the strategies. DMC prides itself on methodical and meticulous test campaigns.  Based on those results, DMC can adjust accordingly to yield the best possible outcome for your direct marketing efforts.  Once this “evergreen campaign” is established, our clients will see a large increase in their ROI and generate the sales growth every entrepreneur is looking for.

DMC Campaign Process

Direct marketing is integral for any successful business venture, and with the experts at DMC on your side, the sky truly is the limit.  Not only will we help your business generate the success it deserves, we will make the process a painless and headache free one.  But don’t just take our word for it…

“I had never done direct mail before, but I had a product I couldn’t sell and wanted to try something new. Did my first

 campaign with DMC, the direct marketing experts and gave them such a short deadline to get the creative together. With

the variable data printing and pURL technology, it ended up being one of the most successful marketing campaigns

I’ve ever witnessed. I absolutely recommend working with DMC; I cannot say enough good things.”– Dr. Chris G.

“Through the assistance of DMC’s marketing products, we have gone from struggling to fill 600 seat venues to selling

out and turning people away at a 1200 seat venue. Another area of immense growth has been the role of corporate

sponsorships integrated into our events. Through the event program that Direct Marketing Concierge has developed

for FightNight, our events have become an extremely attractive and effective tool for our sponsors.” – Aaron J.


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