Services That Will Simplify Your Marketing

DMC provides award winning design, and top notch customer service.  Whether it’s direct mail, copy writing, branding, graphic design, printing, or website design, DMC will make sure you separate yourself from the competition with unique design, and proven direct marketing strategies.

Branding– You’ve got the perfect product, the perfect service, but does your brand effectively communicate that? Don’t know where to start?  Don’t worry, DMC has you covered. We have the knowledge and the eye catching creativity to make your brand’s message one that’s forever burned into the psyche of your potential client.  From logos, to collateral materials, we give your message the consistency and clarity it needs to ring true with your ideal consumer.

Copywriting– Sure, you have the perfect product, an amazing offer, and great graphics, but something is missing.  You just don’t seem to be holding your prospect’s attention long enough to make them understand they need your good or service.  Fear not, DMC’s world class copywriting team can give your product or service a message that holds your prospect’s interest long enough to set the hook, and reel ‘em in!  You wouldn’t buy a sports car that had a go-kart engine would you?  Then why would you use marketing that’s all eye candy with no substance?  Let DMC’s copywriting staff give your marketing that finishing touch to maximize your opportunities!

Graphic Design– What’s the first step in unlocking your marketing’s true potential?  That’s right, professional graphic design.  Lucky for you, this happens to be one of DMC’s many specialties.  With our award winning creative team, you can rest easy knowing you will have marketing materials that are both professional, and attention grabbing, in their appearance.

Printing– So you just need a printer? No problem, with 18 years of experience in the marketing industry, DMC has the knowledge and wherewithal to get the job done right!  We know every last detail about printing and exactly how to tailor it to your needs.  Whether it’s personalized calendars, business cards, stationery, brochures, flyers, etc.; DMC will make sure your printing is done accurately, and in a timely fashion.

PURLs and Opt-In Pages– When given the option, most people in today’s world prefer online interaction, it’s just a fact.  So why do businesses keep using the same old “800” numbers with their direct marketing?  Because that’s just how it’s always been done right?  Well, “how it’s always been done” is going the way of the dodo, and so will you, if you don’t evolve.

By adding a PURL (personalized URL) to a piece of direct mail, you can substantially increase response rates to all your direct marketing efforts.  Not only do PURLs utilize interaction via the internet, but they also utilize VDP (variable data printing) to allow your prospect to read their two favorite words, their first and last names.  So for instance, in order to respond to your direct mail, your prospect would go to Smith.  Pretty neat huh? 

It doesn’t stop there though; the PURL will send your prospect to an opt-in page where invaluable data can be collected.  This also allows for response and closure rates to be tracked with ease.  So stop working harder, and start working smarter with PURLs and opt-in pages from DMC!

Websites– Image is everything, perception is reality, and put your best foot forward. Clichés abound when it comes to appearance, but clichés become clichés, because they are true.  So why are you using a dated website that just blends in with the rest?  What does a prospect think when they see that? Maybe nothing at first, until they look at your competition, and see a slick, professional grade website that just blows yours out of the water.  Sure, your competition isn’t on the same level as you, but they went the extra mile to give every potential client the best first impression possible. So why aren’t you doing that?  It’s too complicated?  Don’t have the time?  Well, just sit back, relax, and leave it to the creative professionals at DMC, it’s really that easy.  No matter what type of business, DMC can build the perfect site for you! 

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