Millions of Postcards Mailed

DMC can serve as your personal off-site, state-of-the-art mail-room  We possess the resources and expertise to meet all your direct mail needs. We’ll help you design, package and save on shipping.

With DMC as your consultant, you can make an informed choice whether a mailing should be sent as first class or standard; permit and bulk rate; carrier pre-sort; or fourth class parcel post. We’ll also help you decide upon international options and United Parcel Service and Federal Express services.

Variable Data Printing Makes It PERSONAL!

DMC’s mission is to always be different and ahead of the print industry curve. So about 6 years ago our focus was to become the leader in personalized digital printing.  We then invested in software and training to be able to take personalization in print to a whole new level. People’s 2 favorite words are their first and last name and if you are sending mail you need to make it personal and give your mailings staying power.

Make It Lumpy!

Lumpy mail is going to get into your recipients hands and get your message read. Choose from our existing 3D Lumpy Mailers or have us develop a totally custom campaign to achieve whatever goals you have. 

Throw In a Gem and a PURL!

Give them an irresistible offer and even drive your traffic to a personalized website just for them.

A PURL is really just a simple, personalized website. By adding a PURL such as ( to a Direct Mail piece, you can create an incomparable cross marketing campaign.

As noted by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), a PURL can: Increase response rates by as much as 400% Reduce cost per lead by 50% Secure invaluable information about each customer Convert prospects into loyal customers Enhance your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Equip your sales force with highly qualified leads Track and measure campaign responses in real-time.

Contact us to speak to a DMC marketing expert and get your direct mail campaign into action!

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