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The Monthly Mini-ZineMini-ZineDMC takes the guess work out of creating an effective monthly newsletter program. The one main thing we preach about marketing is that CONSISTENCY is the KEY TO SUCCESS and the Mini-Zine is the answer! READ MORE Shook (Short Book)McBrideShook

Every business owner needs to be an Author to be the AUTHORITY in their industry. DMC’s Shook product gives you the edge over your competition. We will design, write and print your Shook for you! 


Barrier BusterAriGalper

Bust down the doors of your potential WHALE CLIENTS! With the use of DMC’s Video Books and Video In Print products you will make your prospects jaw drop. Create an immediate buzz about your company! 



Birthday CampaignBirthday_MailingsHave the birthdays of your current clients, then you need to be doing our easy to Implement birthday postcard campaign. These personalized postcards are a great attention getter and shows your clients that you care. READ MORE

Shock & Awe Package

Direct Mail Campaign


The 6 drop direct mail campaign that will get through the gatekeeper and immediately get you on your recipients radar.  Never make a cold call again and open doors that you have always had trouble opening before.



Hit the MassesUStax

This is an inexpensive package that will keep your monthly marketing consistent and give you multiple touches to increase your response rate. The Hit Postcards will bring you profits and we will share our expertise with you to make your campaign a true success. 


Invitation Domination PackageRjon Throwing an event or trying to set a 1-on-1 appointment, DMC’s Invitation Domination package will get your invitation read by your targeted guest. DMC will determine your goals and custom develop the entire campaign for you.READ MORE
Prospecting Power PackageCoconut MailerEveryone always wants more clients, right! We always recommend that you market to your current client list first, but when you are ready to get more clients in the door we will get your foot in the door. Our multi-step mailing process with our unique products will get people to recognize your brand instantly. Introduce, Educate Ask for the Sale, CLOSE THE DEAL! 


 Business Start-Up Kit
Creative Branding Package
  Having business cards, letterhead & envelopes are a must for any new business. This is why we created the Business Start-Up Package. Make a great impression with your consistent and professional branded materials.






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