Flash Drive Mailings and Handouts

A Better Way to Market!

• Put your digital media right in your clients hands
• Keep your target audience captive
• Customize your marketing for specific clients
• The interactivity of the VersaRep encourages action
• Combines your business card, a promotional item and your digital media in one innovative package
• Use the VersaRep product that is right for you, whether 
it’s distributed by hand, direct mail, door to door, or in folder, we have a VersaRep product that delivers!

A More Effective Way to Market!

• Simple PDF’s
• Word documents or Excel spreadsheets
• Interactive flip page catalogs
• Power Point presentations
• Videos, photos and more…

The VersaRep combines the instant gratification
that print provides with the versatility that digital media delivers!
Stop sending prospects and clients to the crowd, or cloud rather, to view your digital media!

Complete the Contact form to your right or call 813.579.9540 today to ad the VersaRep into your marketing mix!

Flash Drive Mailer

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