Welcome to the DMC Product Line

DMC has a full line of products to fit any direct marketing need you may have.  Being creative and unique is integral to all success in direct marketing, and DMC’s products are certainly on the cutting edge when it comes to both.  While the products you see listed are a good sample of what we have to offer, we certainly aren’t limited to what is shown.  Don’t see the product that would fit your marketing needs perfectly?  No problem, we love to do custom work, it allows for us to showcase our creativity and provide you with the best fit possible.  No matter if the work is custom, or you choose from our existing line of products, DMC is here to take care of your direct marketing needs every step of the way!

Video_in_printVideo In Print & Video Books

If you’re looking for a high impact product to blow a prospect away, look no further, the video book is here! Not only does the video book feature up to a 7 inch LCD screen and crystal clear audio, it also features professional grade print.




3d_mail3D Lumpy Mailers

One of the best ways to get your message read by a prospect is to create intrigue and excitement, but how can you accomplish that?  That’s easy; make your mail stick out from the rest!  Just take a look at our bulky mail products and ask yourself, “What would my reaction be if I got that in the mail?” 


Printing_Company Marketing_Packages
General Print Products

All the essential marketing products you need to look like a pro.  From business cards to brochures, pocket folders to door hangers DMC has you covered.


Proven Packages

DMC’s goal is to simplify your marketing efforts and let you focus on your business.  So, we developed proven packages that you can set on autopilot. With years of testing and measuring we know what works.


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