3D Lumpy Mail

Mail that’s guaranteed to bust through the clutter, get into the decision makers hands and get your message read!

One of the best ways to get your message read by a prospect is to create intrigue and excitement, but how can you accomplish that?  That’s easy; make your mail stick out from the rest!  Just take a look at our bulky mail products and ask yourself, “What would my reaction be if I got that in the mail?”  Invariably the answer is, “What the heck is this?”, and that’s the exact reaction you need to make a powerful impact and ensure success with every direct marketing campaign.  When a prospect is curious as to what the piece of mail is, your message is guaranteed to be read with haste, which is invaluable to any marketing effort.  Don’t see a bulky mail product that’s perfect for you?  Not a problem, DMC is always happy to create custom pieces to suit any business’s needs.  So stop wasting your time, effort, and money on the same old tired direct marketing tricks, and get real results with bulky mail products from DMC!

Here are just a few 3D Mail Products we offer:



  • Bank Bag Mailer The bank bag mailer is the perfect marketing product for businesses that save or make their clients money.  What better way to convey your message than in a bank bag?  Not only will the bag grab your prospect’s attention immediately, but when they open it and find your sales letter, the message will be burned into their consciousness almost instantly.  When your potential client has something tangible in their hands that directly relates to your message, the effect is immensely powerful.  This strategy will undoubtedly lead to success in your marketing efforts.  The bag itself can be fully customized, or used as shown, whichever is the best fit is for you and your business. Click the order button below, and take this marketing strategy to the bank!

  • Pill Bottle MailerNo matter what industry you’re in, it can be said that you are the cure for your potential client’s business.  So why wouldn’t the pill bottle mailer make perfect sense?  As with all our bulky mail products, the objective is to get your prospect to interact with your piece of marketing.  They will have no choice, but to do just that when they want to read the sales letter enclosed in the bottle. Just to make sure we get their attention we also enclose two Advil.  If the bottle doesn’t get their attention, the rattle surely will! Yet another perfect product from DMC to get your message read! Click below to self-medicate your direct marketing woes!

  • Trash Can Mailer DMC is the ultimate source for unique marketing materials that won’t hit the trash.  We couldn’t think of a better way to make that point, than by creating this trash can mailer.  Not only will your message not hit the trash, but your prospect will be forced to pull it out of the trash, when this mailer arrives.  By using unique solutions such as this, your prospect won’t be able to help, but remember your business.  As with all our bulky mail products, the manual interaction between your prospect and your marketing materials, will create an effect that standard direct marketing products just can’t manage!  Click below to begin trashing your old direct marketing strategies today!

  • Wanted Poster Mailer DMC’s wanted poster mailer has quickly become our #1 seller, and for good reason, it works! This beautifully die cut wanted poster will arrive to your prospect in a craft tube, which will certainly generate an overwhelming sense of intrigue.  As your prospect opens the tube and attempts to remove the poster, a branded 50 caliber (blank) bullet will fall from the tube.  If that doesn’t get a prospect to read your message, absolutely nothing will. A simple tag line such as, “give us a shot” on the sales letter, will create a connection between your business, the poster, and that blank bullet immediately! The best part?  That branded blank bullet will always be on someone’s desk creating a lasting presence for your brand!  So click below to give this mailer a shot!

Developing marketing products and custom ideas is our specialty, so if you are looking to develop a lumpy mail campaign please contact us to schedule your complimentary creative call at 813.579.9540 or email us at info@yourdmc.com 

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