Marketing 101: The Importance of Building Credibility

Admit it: one reason you’re a business owner is because you want to have lots of cold, hard cash! We all like the idea of a comfortable living, and we know that starting your own business is one of the best ways to get there.

However, the reality of actually running a business can be a bit of a shock. When you’re just starting out, you’re putting in twelve or more hours per day with little pay—and the question of whether it’s worth it frequently crosses your mind!

We’ve all been there, and this same frustration extends to marketing too! Once you have a reasonably successful business, you still want to find the oomph to bring it to the next level, so you turn to marketing, where you’ll need to have credibility.

DMC can help you get rich at a realistic pace

Get Rich Quick

Whether it’s starting a business or coming up with a new marketing plan, everyone wants to find the magic bullet, the get-rich-quick scheme. They want to put an ad out there or send out a direct mail campaign and suddenly be rich!

Unfortunately, just like how it is when you start a business, it doesn’t work that way. A successful business is based on all your marketing, on repetition, and on consistent effort over time. Expecting overnight success just sets you up to move from one business idea to the next, from one marketing idea to the next, without enough time to really create something great.

How to View Your Marketing

Have you ever heard the assertion that someone must encounter your business name seven different times before it even registers? This runs totally counterto the notion of getting rich with one solid mailing, an excellent print ad, or any individual marketing effort!

Instead of this opportunistic or campaign approach, we recommend that you view marketing as a yearly approach! The totality of your marketing efforts will add up, but you’re unlikely to have a single individual campaign that just launches your business into the stratosphere.

It happens sometimes, and you’re likely to see it on the news when it does happen to someone, but that’s not because it’s common—it’s because it’s so rare that it makes a good story! You can’t count on lightning in a bottle to be the catalyst for growth in your business, because you simply can’t predict or control it.

To make marketing successful, frame it as a path of continuous growth and improvement that’s not about overnight success.

Build Credibility

The engine for long-term growth is one word: credibility. When you’re new or unproven, people don’t necessarily have a reason to trust you, but as you prove yourself with clients or customers, your brand starts to mean something.

Over time, those marketing efforts reach people who have already heard of you. You get more business through word of mouth. Your brand has credibility.

DMC and the marketing freight train

Do this religiously for a while, and over time, it’ll pay off in a big way. We like to compare marketing to a freight train, which starts slow and builds momentum until it’s an unstoppable force. Don’t forget: the biggest multinational companies in the world were once small businesses too!

If you’re worried that your marketing freight train isn’t picking up steam at a fast enough clip, we have strategies and solutions at DMC that can speed the process up, but it still takes time. We can change it from a marathon to a sprint, but it’s still a process.

Hopefully this has given you a bit more insight into the importance of credibility and a long-term focus for your business and its marketing. For questions or further insights, feel free to contact us!

~Devin Herz

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