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“I love it, I am really so happy we are on the same track…I never had this before with any marketing company, it’s really great.

Thanks lets print!”

~ An Flammand- USA Vacation Homes


“Working with DMC, we created two lumpy mail pieces to test. The Trash Can Mailer and the Resistance Band Mailer. Overall, we had 34 people respond to our lumpy mailing (34/700 = 5%). We were very happy with this response level as our usual direct mail postcards evoke a response of 1/1000 or 0.01%. Total ROI $7950/$3500 = 227%.”

~ Jonathan Slain – Fitness Together


“Devin at DMC didn’t hit a home run, he won the entire world series with one swing of the bat! Never in a million years did I think that I would be able to put together a Shook© so professional, attractive and with eye catching response. Comments just from day one have been amazing. My peers are all jealous of the work done on my behalf by Devin and his team and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you again for all the hard work.”

~ Ben McClure- Gardner’s Mattress & More Lancaster, PA


“Ben Glass and I agree that this is really cool. So much so that Ben now wants to send 1,000 of them, so I’m getting a new list put together. The variable data name out of gavels, I’ve just never seen anything quite like that, it is so cool and eye catchy.”

~ Charley Mann- Ben Glass


“DMC is our # 1 Choice for Print, Design & Direct Mail! Several years ago, we needed to find a printing partner that could handle our large volume of daily print needs and show us the best way to do so. DMC understands our business and has been integral to our fast-paced growth. I highly recommend these guys to any business that is looking for a partner and not just another printer. We will use DMC forever.”

~ Jason Gross – 2020 Companies/Verizon


“Amazing Ideas! I’d like to say “thank you” to DMC for making our life so much easier. We count on you to help with all our marketing and advertising needs and would like to commend you on a job well done. Working with them is easy and always productive. It’s nice to get different perspectives on marketing to our clients. Using variable data has definitely increased our ROI.”

~ Helen Kestler – Sylene


“We got a great response from the invitations and follow up postcards. We were hoping for around 100 people to RSVP and have closer to 160 as of right now! Hopefully we have room for everyone.”

Thank you for checking in! Have a great Thursday!”

~ Eryn- Bellingham Smiles Dentistry


“Slone Brothers Furniture has been partnering with DMC for several years.Their creative team and high quality print media products have breathed new life into our direct mail campaigns. Our last full color piece actually created a line at the door over 30 minutes before we opened!DMC continues to amaze me with their patience and creativity. The quality of their standards typically comes at a high price, but in I have never found this to be the truth. DMC offers to most competitive price structure that I have found in the market place today. Competitors bidding for our work have often commented, “We’re not sure how they can offer that price”!Give The Print Concierge an idea and a deadline…and they’ll meet it with “flying colors” every time! Slone Brothers Furniture enjoys the success we have shared in teaming up with DMC!Thank you.”

Thank you for checking in! Have a great Thursday!”

~ Michael Slone – Slone Brothers Furniture


“The Shook (Short Book) product DMC produced for us has the added benefit of making McBride Kelly & Associates a true published author, which has immense value to our prospective and current clients. Our Shook© has been so successful that within its first week of distribution was directly responsible for the closing of a large deal worth $600,000 for McBride Kelly & Associates. Our working relationship with DMC is stellar and we couldn’t be more pleased.”

~ Brian McBride – McBride Kelly & Associates


“Thanks for checking in. My team reports that working with you guys has been great, so thank you very much. We’ll look forward to getting business cranked up.”

~ Mike Cooch- Kutenda


“I had never done direct mail before, but I had a product I couldn’t sell and wanted to try something new. Did my first campaign with Direct Marketing Concierge and gave them such a short deadline to get the creative together. With the variable data printing and pURL technology, it ended up being one of the most successful marketing campaigns I’ve ever witnessed. I absolutely recommend working with DMC; I cannot say enough good things.”

~ Dr. Chris Griffin – Capacity Academy


“Through the assistance of DMC’s marketing products, we have gone from struggling to fill 600 seat venues to selling out and turning people away at a 1200 seat venue. Another area of immense growth has been the role of corporate sponsorships integrated into our events. Through the event program that Direct Marketing Concierge has developed for FightNight, our events have become an extremely attractive and effective tool for our sponsors.”

~ Aaron M. Jacobs – FightNight Productions LLC


“Talk about a marketing company that’s got it all figured out. If you want to increase your ROI, you absolutely need to use Direct Marketing Concierge!”

~ Richard Seppala – The ROI Guy – FightNight Productions LLC


“We will be sending a couple of clients over your way. By the way, we were blown away from the samples that you provided us.”

We’ll be in touch. Thank you.”

~ Fernando- JD Mellberg


“You are fantastic!!! Thank you so much for getting this turned around so quickly, we really appreciate it!”

~ Caroline McNally- Kutenda


“Feedback on the two jobs you recently did for my client Cates (brochure and rack cards): both were EXCELLENT quality and on time.”

Please tell your production staff Brooks says “thank you” for their quality work.”

~ Brooks White- Political Marketing


“I LOVE IT Devin. Perfect and GREAT JOB on the logo.Let’s do blue bags. Fantastic. I can’t wait. :)”

~ DeAnna Rogers- Affilate Mastermind Group


“The Expo was a success and the banners were great. They arrived Friday, before the show. Thanks a lot!!!”

~ Leo Moreno – Vincent Corporation


“The business cards that DMC created for me have been a huge hit. I never have ever received the type of response that i get from these business cards that feature my artwork. The original idea of doing a 6 panel business card has been a home run, thanks again!”

~ John D Herz-


“Thanks, Jen. You and Devin do a slam bang job. Continued Success!”

~ Allen Abramson – Liason


“Devin, the card looks awesome, great job!! Please begin printing and let me know when to expect the cards.

Thanks for everything.”

~ Walter – Ace Home Inspections


“It’s hard to do justice to DMC in this testimonial because they went so far above and beyond the call of duty for us.”

I’ve been in the fitness business for five years and have tested out many direct mail pieces and worked with many vendors over that time. DMC put together a campaign of lumpy mail that got us a huge return on our investment. We did so well sending out mini trash cans with Devin that we’re already working on our next “lumpy” mail project with them.

Beyond high quality product and results, Devin and Jen are great to work with. They have been very flexible on terms with us and they are nimble. The “Concierge” in Direct Marketing Concierge isn’t just a word, it’s a brand promise that Devin has fulfilled at every step of our projects together. I can’t recommend them highly enough and welcome them to provide my number if you’d like to hear more about their work.”

~ John – Fitness Together


“I want personally thank DMC for carrying out my vision for my new business cards. They truly made it so easy to get exactly what I wanted. I was astonished at how fast they carried out my order from start to finish, and they were able to answer my questions quicker than I could reply back. I am a very hard customer to please, but the DMC team really went that extra mile to make it happen. My business cards are one of a kind, and I have already gotten so many compliments on them!

I will be recommending their services to anyone needing any kind of print work. Thank you so much again for your high quality product and customer service!”

~ Jackie, Go Cakes! NYC


“Wanted to thank you for swinging by this morning. Your portfolio of work is great. That new press prints some phenomenal looking pieces – I can see why you’re so excited about it. I really liked the concept you sent over for the website and for our print materials too. Loved the arrows you pulled out of the logo, the “moving forward” which is so appropriate to our mission to become a top Technology hub by 2015.

This is exactly what TBTF needs and I really appreciated you going above and beyond what I had asked for.”

~ Jill,  TBTF Tampa Bay Technology Forum


“Hi … I generated 6 appts and 2 quotes so far … two additional appts next week. In negotiations with St. Pete College for test and research and Pasco County Schools for pilot program at their new high school. For my first mailer of only 500 pieces, we are off to a great start.”

~ Kathleen Moore- Green Sky Sales, Inc

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