Turnaround Time, File Setup, Expectations and Rush Policy

 DMC has over 20 years experience with printing and marketing, so we know the ins and outs to make it as simple for you as possible. Printing is an intricate and detailed science. Please read over our policies and if you have any questions about them please contact us directly. We want to make sure that you understand how our company works so you will be completely satisfied through the entire production process.


DMC holds a standard 7-10 business day turnaround time for all basic printed products. This accounts for production time only and does not account for shipping and design time. If your printed piece or campaign involves additional finishing work (bindery, die cutting, folding, scoring, etc.), your piece can include an ADDITIONAL 4 to 7 business days in order to complete. Turnaround times start the day your print ready files are sent to us with your complete order. If we are completing or working on design, turnaround time begins once the final artwork or proof has been approved via The DMC Artwork Approval form.


Please contact DMC in reference to design turnaround times, since design times can vary based on complexity and the turnaround time desired. A design project can take anywhere from two to 30 days depending on copy and complexity of piece or pieces within an entire marketing campaign. If it has not already occurred, a specific turnaround time will be discussed with you prior to beginning the project. Also, the Designer or Campaign Manager assigned to your project will keep you informed of ongoing progress.

Rush Orders:

If you need your piece or project completed before the allotted 5 to 7 business days, a RUSH FEE may be applied. Please provide the exact due date and time, as well as all information pertaining to the order to DMC for processing to see if we can accommodate your turnaround time. Standard RUSH FEE is $100.00, depending on the work involved and turnaround time requested. Less than 24 Hour turnaround times require a minimum of $150.00 RUSH FEE, but can change based on volume and desired time.

Design, Print & Database Specs

Submitting Print Ready files:

All design files submitted to DMC considered “PRINT READY,” will be handled as such. Once your files make it to our preflight process, they will be checked to make sure they meet our print specifications, which are:
300 dpi resolution | CMYK color mode | 1/8” bleed on most products | 1/4” bleed on booklets
Save as a Flattened or Outlined Jpeg, Tiff, PDF, or EPS file. Make sure all text is converted to outlines.
If your file fails to meet any of the above print criteria, you will be notified ASAP so you can supply us corrected art. Depending on response time, this may delay your production time.
Submitting Your Mailing Database:
Frequently, clients submit their database to DMC when sending a mail piece. We use this database for personalization and addressing a mail piece. Therefore, the accuracy and format of this information in the excel spreadsheet is extremely important. Please ensure your file is setup as such:
Individual columns for:
First Name | Last Name | Address 1 | Address 2 | City | State | Zip
• Other data specific to your personalization specifications (i.e. Phone, Gender, Promotion Type, etc)
• Excel spreadsheet saved as 97-2007 or newest version
• 1st Row of spreadsheet must be reserved for column titles
• Content must be formatted in the way client would like to appear on mail piece. For example, if content in the spreadsheet is in ALL CAPS, it will appear on the mail piece in ALL CAPS.
If your file fails to meet any of the above criteria, you will be notified immediately so you can supply us a correct excel spreadsheet. Depending on response time, this may delay your production time.
If you have questions please contact DMC via email info@yourdmc.com or call 813.579.9540
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